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HEART the play

“A Top Hat; a peculiar accessory, a well for small coins to be retrieved from, a portal for flying doves and an abyss to catch falling tears. Ribbons cascade out of my hand and disappear in to thin air, a...

Utopia Music Festival 2013

Taking place over Freedom Day weekend (26-28 April 2013), Utopia Music Festival will be held at Nekkies - one of South Africa's favourite venues (allegedly). This all star packed event will not disappoint, with the likes of Desmond & the Tutus, Karen Zoid, Fokofpolisiekar, aKing, The Plastics on The Phoenix- Main Stage.
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SaturDAZED + 99 Vodka Bottles

The Side Show presenting SaturDazed have 99 Free bottles of Vodka for the first 99 paying ladies!!!! Why you may ask? Because they can!...
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Ticket Giveaway for TRAFFIC Live

Out with the old, in with the new! Traffic Live has been bringing on-trend street fashion to Cape Town’s youth since 2002, and this year they're upping their game. While they continue with their bold and...